Rising Star Award

2008 CAHRA Rising Star Award Winner

Cindy Wright

I. Purpose

The purpose is to give special recognition to a new member who has actively demonstrated their support of the Association and our profession.

II. Requirements

Must have been a member of CAHRA for no more than one (1) year and have demonstrated dedication to the association.

III. Selection

The President shall appoint a committee to nominate candidates to be presented to the Board of Directors for the selection of one (1) to receive the award.

IV. Recognition

The recipient will receive a suitable award and recognition from the media and CAHRA. The award is normally presented at the Honors event.


Cindy Wright 2008
Bobbi Britton, PHR 2006
Tara Musgrove 2003
Holley Little 2002
Alice Banks 2000
Tiffany Galchus, PHR 1999
Megan Palazzi Thornton 1998
Quinton Fletcher 1997