Outstanding Associate Member


I. Purpose
To give special recognition to the associate member who actively demonstrates professionalism in their support and services assisting the field of human resources management and the Central Arkansas Human Resources Association.
II. Requirements
  1) Must have been an active member of CAHRA for three (3) years.
  2) Must actively participate and make significant contributions to CAHRA.
  3) Must demonstrate professionalism in services and their relationship with all members of CAHRA.
  4) Must demonstrate support of CAHRA's goals and objectives.
  5) The individual's firm or company must have demonstrated continued support of CAHRA.
III. Selection
The President shall appoint a committee to nominate a minimum of three (3) candidates to be presented to the Board of Directors for the selection of one (1) to receive the award.
IV. Recognition
The recipient will receive a suitable award and recognition from the media and the CAHRA. The award is normally presented at the Honors Night meeting.
Vickie Siebenmorgen, CPC 1998
Jana Greenbaum 1997
Jeanie Reed 1996
Susie Leird 1995
Russell Gunter, SPHR 1994
Jim Moore 1993
Ed Schulte 1992
Aaron Lubin 1991
Yvonne Phillips 1990
Robert E. "Bob" Campbell 1989